What We Offer

We offer a variety of classes in aerial acrobatics & movement. We run weekly casual classes, 4 week sessions, workshops and term classes for kids & teens. We have plenty of height and multiple apparatus to play on and explore. Our focus is movement and play for all levels, ages 3+. We also offer privates & semi-privates, birthday parties for both kids & adults, hens parties & a kids holiday program. Our aim is to make aerial acrobatics accessible to all who want to partake in this fun, challenging & rewarding sport.

Weekly Adult Classes

No lock in terms, adult classes run on a casual basis. Book into the class the days you would like to join, using our online booking system VAMP, choose "Register for Drop-in Class" from the Main Menu, or click the "Book Now" link from our Adult Timetable. Adult classes run continuously throughout the year, only breaking over the Christmas/New Year holiday's. New students can start at any time, no need to wait for the start of a term – we don't have them. Adult classes are suitable for ages 13+.

See our Classes for class descriptions.

Daytime Adult Class

We have one daytime Adult class, "Intro to Aerials", which comes directly after the "Carers 'N Cubs" class. This class is offered to carers or adults who are looking for a lunch time class. If carers would like to have a go after their cubs had a turn, we do have a play area for cubs to stay & watch. Book into the class the days you would like to join.

4 Week Sessions

We run two 4 week sessions, throughout the year. The 4 week classes rotate between movement classes, ie. Handstands, Tumbling & Flexibility. See our Timetable for the current sessions.

Kids & Teen Term Classes

Our Kids & Teen classes cover Aerial Silks, Lyra, Static Trapeze & Aerial Hammock. Some days you may learn all of them, others the focus may be on one apparatus. You will learn tricks as well as choreography and how to perform. This is a mixed level class. All levels are welcome and will be catered to, from complete beginners to intermediate & advanced. Term classes follow the ACT school terms.
Cubs: Ages 3 - 4
Pixies: Ages 5 - 7
Kids: Ages 8 - 12
Home School (HS) Kids: Ages 6 - 16
Teens: Ages 13 - 17

See our Kids Classes page for class descriptions & pricing.

Holiday Program

We offer a Holiday Program a few days each term break, following the ACT school terms. The day starts at 9.30a and is jam packed full of fun activities to 3.30p. The program offers a variety of aerial acrobatics, ground acrobatics, dance, yoga, juggling, hula hoops, handstands, tumbling, boot camp etc. Each Holiday Program will have a mixture of these activities. You can book in for 1 day or all the days offered. Our timetable will be updated when the Holiday Program is available (usually around the 6 week mark each term.)

Toddler Class

Carers 'N Cubs is our toddler class, suited for ages 2 - 4. Carers will take their toddlers around to different stations and try out the aerial apparatus & obstacles we have created for them. Carers must stay with the cubs for the entire duration of the class. Email to express interest in this class. We do not have enough attendance for a regular weekly class at this time.


We offer workshops throughout the year, in varying disciplines. Some workshops offer building a particular movement skills, like handstands or partner acrobatics, and others offer refining skills and advancing knowledge on a particular aerial apparatus.

Private Sessions

Private sessions can be booked anytime outside our normal class schedule. They can be on any apparatus, for strength & flexibility, choreography, etc. We offer privates & semi-privates for those who would like to train with others.

On-Site Birthday & Hens Parties or Private Events

If you are looking something unique to do for a birthday party, hens night or special occasion, aerial acrobatics is a great choice. We provide a teacher and various options from 1 hr to 2 hrs of aerial &/or movement playtime, with options to stay longer and have food etc. We have tables & chairs, as well as a shower & change room, so hens parties can get ready to go out on the town after their lesson. Birthday parties can be for kids or adults.

Off-Site Parties, Performances & Private Events

Aerial performances are a way to add something spectacular to your event. We have professional aerialists that are available for private functions, festivals, and local events. Performances (choreography &costumes) can be suited to specific events, or as generic aerial performance. The type of performance can also be tailored to venues – depending on rigging options. If you are looking for a performance for an event, or if you would like to hold a class or workshop at an event, contact us and we will endeavor to suit your needs.

Student Performances

We have 2 showcases a year, where our students can show their friends and family everything they've learned. We transform the studio into a cabaret environment, with food and drink for the audience to enjoy. Showcase dates will be posted on our timetable & Facebook page.

Facility Rental

If you are interested in renting the space, for professional development or training, our space is available outside of class hours. Contact us for pricing.