Adult Classes & Pricing

If you have ever watched Cirque du Soleil, any other modern circus, or Pink in concert, you have seen aerial acrobatics. In the past there was not much opportunity to learn these skills, aside from running off to join the circus. Today however, aerial acrobatics have become more main stream and you can train in multiple places around the world.

Luckily Canberra has it's own aerial school right here in your home town!

Adult Classes

Our Adult classes run on a flexible drop-in basis, they do not follow specific terms or sessions. Aerial Acrobatic classes are 1.5 hours. (*4 or less students, class will run for 1 hr and are subject to cancellation.) You must book in to join a class. See booking details below.


Adult Individual Classes

Aerial Casual Class - $33

1 hr Daytime Individual Aerial Class - $30

(We are not currently offering student discounts for adult classes.)

Punchcards (Class Pass)

Punchcards can be used for any weekly Aerial Class & do not need to be used consecutively.

Punchcards cannot be used for workshops. *Refunds are not offered for unused Punchcards.

4 Class Pass - $125   (valid for 4 months)

10 Class Pass - $295   (valid for 6 months)

Daytime Classes Only (1 hr class)

4 Class Pass - $115   (valid for 4 months)

10 Class Pass - $265   (valid for 6 months)

Open Practice - $15

Open Practice/Non Aerial Sports Students - $20

**Open Practice - if you are visiting out of town, and would like to use the space, email and let us know. If it is outside of our regular practice times, email for the fee.

Private Sessions

Private or semi-private sessions are available upon request. Pricing is as follows:

Cost: $90/hr for 1 student, $140 for 2, and $180 for 3.

Contact us for group pricing larger than 3, or session over 1 hr.


To book into a class, you will need to create a new account in our booking system, VAMP . The account should be created in the name taking the class. Once you have an account, you can click on the "Book Now" button on our timetable to book directly into the class. In your VAMP account, you can also choose "Register for Drop-In Class", from the Main Menu, under "Classes & Registration". Payment options below.

Payment Options

We accept: cash, credit card, & bank transfer (in advance).

1. Cash or Card at the Studio - If you want to pay at the studio with cash or card, you need to choose "IOU" when booking into a class in VAMP.

2. Credit Card - If you want to pay online with a credit card, choose PayPal in VAMP when you sign up for a class. (Small transaction fees applies.)

3. Bank Transfer - You need to go to your bank account & manually transfer. Aerial Sports, BSB 112-908, Acct: 422 590 805 - put your name in the description area. Please send an email confirmation to booking@aerialsports.com.au. Once we receive the payment we will put it in your VAMP account.

*Payment for class is due upon signing in, before class starts.


  • Full payment for class is due upon signing in, before class starts.
  • A minimum of 4 students are required for a class.
  • In 1.5 hr classes, classes with 4 students or less will be shortened to 1 hr.
  • If the student minimum is not met, class is subject to cancellation.
  • Students have up to 2 hrs before class time to cancel out of class. If you cancel after the 2 hrs or are a no show for class, you will still be charged &/or a punch will be taken off your punchcard.
  • Refunds & extentions are not offered for unused Punchcards.

Class Options

Aerial Foundations

This class is for complete beginners, who do not have any experience with Aerial Acrobatics and would love to learn. We will play on 3 different apparatus, silks, lyra & static trapeze. You will learn the basics of each apparatus & how to move in and out of different positions, including going upside down! You will build strength & confidence, and give you a taste of each apparatus. You may focus on one apparatus a week, or 2-3, depending on the instructor.

Aerial Yoga

This class is designed for complete beginners who want to take their yoga practice to a new height... in the air. Using an aerial hammock, you'll be taught poses in the air from easy upside down positions to various sitting & standing ones. Participants can move at their own pace & previous yoga experience is not necessary.

Aerial Silks

Silks, also known as tissu or fabric, is a long piece of special fabric which is attached to the ceiling with two long tails coming down. You will be taught how to climb, wrap, and hold yourself in positions on the apparatus. The more advanced will learn more complex moves, drops & combinations.

Lyra (Aerial Hoop)

Lyra (pronounced leer-ah), also known as Aerial Hoop & Cerceau, is a steel ring suspended from the ceiling, which typically spin but can also be used static. You will be taught basic poses and transitions below, on and above the hoop, as well as how to spin. The more advanced will learn more complex moves and be encouraged to practice their skill repertoire while spinning.

Static Trapeze

Static Trapeze is a stationary bar suspended from the ceiling from ropes on each side. You will be taught to hang, climb & go upside down, as well as basic poses and transitions. You will learn how to move in and out of positions and poses using the bar and the ropes.

Aerial Hammock

Similar to the aerial silks, aerial hammock is a long piece of special fabric, but instead of two long tails they connect at the top creating a loop. You will learn how to get on the hammock, and various positions & drops with the fabric in both the open & closed position.

Cloud Swing (Static)

Cloud swing is a thick soft rope that drapes down from 2 points in the ceiling, creating a flexible seat. Most moves & tricks have been adapted from aerial silks or static trapeze. Because of the similiar movements, we ask you have at least 1 year experience, completing our level 1 of Aerial Foundations, before attempting cloud swing.

Yin Yoga

The practice of yin yoga focuses on meditation and breath while in a pose, and is suitable for people of all ages - teens and adults. Beyond its benefits for muscles and joints, Yin practice delves deep into fascia, releasing tension and promoting overall well-being.

Open Practice

Open practice sessions are a supervised training sessions, where you can try what you've learned in class or something you've been wanting to practice. All apparatus are available for use during the open session. We welcome non aerial praticionars as well, with a space for acro, contact impro, natural movment, etc.
*Teaching is not permitted during open practice.*

What to Wear

Close fitting clothes are recommended, you will want your knees & midriff covered. Yoga clothing & most active wear will suit. Dressing in layers is helpful.

House Rules

  • Jewelry must be removed, absolutely NO rings.
  • Clothing with zippers are not permitted.
  • Trimmed finger & toe nails. No sharp nails please.
  • Deodorant must be worn.


We have created an extensive curriculum that each student learns. Most of our classes are Mixed Levels, meaning they can be a beginner, intermeidate or advanced student to join. On the timetable, see the "Level" section to make sure you are in the appropriate class. Our curriculum is broken down into the following levels:
- Beginner: Purple & Blue
- Intermediate: Green & Yellow
- Advanced: Orange & Red

Covid Update

As Covid is still active in the community, we ask that you do not come to the studio if you have any cold or flu like symptoms.